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5 Design Trends for Bathrooms in 2018

The bathroom may not seem like the most exciting part of the home but there are a number of reasons why this space deserves consideration. You will spend a great deal of time in this space. It is often the first room you visit in the morning and the last spot you visit before heading to bed. The bathroom is also one of the rooms in your home that can have major impact on resell value of your home should you decide to move down the road. We asked the experts at Andros Kitchen & Bath to share some of the hottest design trends you should consider for your bathroom and this is what they had to say.

Floating Vanities

As bathrooms continue to transform from function rooms to luxurious spaces to relax and unwind, they are also increasing in size. Homeowners want a larger space so they don’t feel cramp within the bathroom. With space at a premium, there are a few tricks you can use to help make even a small bathroom feel large and one very popular trick is the floating vanity. This clean, modern look leaves the floor open which creates the illusion of more space. Other popular tricks include oversized mirrors and large floor tiles.

TIP: If your not in love with the floating vanity look, consider a vanity with open legs. This creates a more structured look but maintains the open floor space for a more spacious feel.

Luxury Bathing

Bath tubs gave way to stunning, state of the art showers in past years but new designs and technologies are bringing them back to the forefront of bathroom design once again. New designs offer much more style then their previous counterparts, allowing much more flexibility in design as well. Island baths and freestanding tubs are a popular choice, becoming a showpiece within the space. Larger soaker tubs are a popular choice as bathrooms increasingly become a place to relax and retreat from the stress of the day.

TIP: If you love the look of a freestanding tub but don’t have the space, simply mount the tub closer to the wall! This gives you the sophisticated style of a freestanding tub even in a smaller bathroom.

Shower Details

Much like bath tubs, showers are also becoming more luxurious and relaxing. Stand along showers with glass doors and even glass walls are very popular as they create a much more open feel to a bathroom. Customized details like benches, built in shower caddies and custom tile work are also a great choice. Technology within the shower is also a popular trend; from LED lighting, rainfall showerheads and built in speakers to automated water control and shower jets.

TIP: A built-in seat not only gives your shower a more luxurious look but it also provides safe seating for young children or elderly family members. Consider taking advantage of the space used to create the seat to build in extra storage space as well.

Statement Fixtures

The trend in bathrooms today is very clean lines with minimal decorating for a spa-like feel. Instead of accenting the space with decor pieces, homeowners are choosing statement fixtures that add a decorative touch to the space all on their own. This may include elegant lighting, decorative hardware, unique faucets and sinks and the like.

TIP: Choose pieces that are elegant and timeless to ensure the design will remain something you love for years to come.

Unique Tile Details

Stemming from the trend toward statement fixtures, another area where homeowners are choosing to add design elements into their bathrooms is through the tile work. While decorative tile isn’t new in bathrooms, today’s intricate designs create unique patterns and styles by mixing various tiles together in a decorative fashion.

TIP: This trend is also something that can help you stay within budget! If you love a particular tile but it is out of your price range, use it as an accent tile with a less expensive tile. This compromise allows you to stay within budget without sacrificing the style you love!


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