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In the ever-changing realm of home décor, white has remained a mainstay. White is the definition of neutrality, demonstrates the true charm of understatement, and evokes a sense of calmness and serenity, which is often a welcomed juxtaposition to the chaos and calamity of life. In the new year, designers and like home décor experts will be just as crazy over white, except this year white signifies psychological wellness, indicative of a spa experience or a detox. 



When it comes to texture, we’re well beyond the visual lackluster of flat cotton. 2017, more so than any year preceding it, will emphasize interesting textiles and a lot of them, creating rooms that are something like an inspiration board for all of your favorite textiles. Textiles that have metallic properties will be big this year, juxtaposed with earthier textures like linen and fur.


Refined rawness

The theme in the new year appears to be juxtaposition, as the 2017 trend forecasts predicts a favor towards a combination of distressed textures and polished metallic. Imagine contrasting textures, for example sleek silver and tarnished, weather-washed clay, being combined in a melting pot, breeding a texture that is almost marbled, as to showcase individual refined and gritty qualities. 


Digital blur

The emergence of the 3D printer was a major game changer in the synthetic textile industry. The ability to create something out of nothing was not only revolutionary, but it also created a mesh-point between two worlds that were previously unrelated: the physical and the digital. In 2017, we’ll see a shift towards textiles emblematic of all things virtual, with high contrast color spectrums, fluorescents and electric shades, and high indicative kaleidoscope patterns garnering popularity. 


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