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Terracotta tiles 

Previously used as border tiles, terracotta will steal the spotlight away from white tiles in 2017. Terracotta is warm and rustic, lending brightness and earthiness to any space.


Oblong shapes and casual layout

Gone are the days where rigid lines and sharp angles define our communal spaces. In 2017, we’ll see a shift towards designer spaces that are open concept and furnishings that are oblong and mismatched, creating an effect that errs eccentric.



According to Pantone, shades of green will dominate interiors in 2017, with Greenery dubbed Color of the Year. Pantone also mentions Kale, Grape Kiss, and Acid Lime in their 2017 trend forecast. (All the more reason to ditch your tired, beige sofa!)

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In keeping with the theme of warmth, cork will be trendy in the year to come, putting lesser emphasis on hard finishes such as marble and stone. Cork furniture and accents will provide an earthy alternative to the finishes that reigned popular in 2016.


Nomadic tendencies

As more and more homeowners gravitate towards simplicity, flexibility, mobility, and minimalism, freestanding homes have cycled into the mainstream eye. This has lead to a significant change in the overall functionality of interior décor, including a shift towards modular and multifunctional design. 

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