Walk in showers are a popular choice for a modern bathroom. A walk in shower offers a number of advantages including flexibility in design as well as improved access and mobility. Creating a walk in shower with no ledge or edging between the shower base and the bathroom floor opens up many design possibility and also removes tripping hazards and gives easy access for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Whether you are choosing a walk in shower for design or function purposes,  here’s how to make the best use of your walk in shower.


A Linear Shower Drain

Employing a Linear Shower Drain system in your walk in shower boasts several crowd-pleasing benefits, such as easy cleaning, compatibility with different floor structures, easy accesses for those with mobility issues and flexibility in terms of tile selection. QuARTz by ACO shower channels ensure a seamless floor to shower transition, essentially nullifying the need for any floor sloping whatsoever.


Large Format Tiles

Traditional shower drains may need a little help to do their jobs effectively. This ‘help’ usually comes from the small shower tiles, which are placed on a slope surrounding the drain, for easier drainage. The Linear Shower Drain system by QuARTz by ACO, on the other hand, eliminates the need for complicated floor slopes, automatically expanding tile options to include large format tiles, which are becoming increasingly trendy.


Unique Accessories

In conjunction with their Linear Shower Drain system, QuARTz by ACO offers unique accessories to compliment your walk in shower experience, such as LED lighting, a handy strainer basket, and shower channel outlet adaptors.




Customized Grate Design

Personalize your drainage system one step further, via a variety of designer grate styles. Choose between distinctive grate selections, such as Wavy, Tile, Quadrato, and Mix. All grates are stainless steel or oil-rubbed bronze.

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