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A gallery wall can take on so many different forms; be it a collage of frames of varying sizes, materials, and colors, or a more symmetrical ensemble. Either way, a gallery wall, when put together with care and forethought, can enhance your space, in addition to giving you a platform to show off your favorite family memories. Keep reading for our advise on how to successfully plan and execute a gallery wall in your home. 


Practice Continuity 

A good rule of thumb, for gallery-wall-novices, is to ensure that your collection of frames and photographs have at least one cohesive factor. Whether that’s the color or material of the frame or the colors within the photographs themselves is up to you. If you’re opting for frames of varying sizes, limit yourself to a few sizes at first, stagger them on your wall space, and then add more versatile sizes as desired. The main thing you want to avoid is your gallery wall looking arbitrary and cluttered.  


Have a Shape in Mind 

This, of course, depends predominately on the availability of wall space. If you don’t have a specific shape in mind, start in the middle, with a favorite, or particularly eye-catching photo or frame, and work your way outwards. This way, no matter what shape you end up with, you’ll have some sort of focal point. Don’t forget about depth when planning your wall. Try to select frames with fairly similar depths, so that if you view your gallery wall from an angle it still looks cohesive. 


Utilize Negative Space 

Arguably just as important as the physical frames and pictures is the negative wall space that will divide them. Never underestimate the power of negative space; a good amount of wall in between each frame will actually make your photos pop out more. Try to make the wall space between your frames as equal as possible. 


Take Creative Liberty 

You don’t have to limit yourself to just photos and frames necessarily. Try adding in other wall-mounted decor to get a truly personalized effect. 


Don’t Rush 

A successful gallery wall should, above all, be meaningful to its maker. If you can help it, don’t rush to put your gallery up in the span of a weekend, (unless you were collecting photos and frames leading up to). Instead, give yourself weeks, even months, to carefully collect images that mean a lot to you, frames which you absolutely love, and a layout that enhances the room rather than cluttering it.

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