What makes a house a home? The people in it, of course, along with the clues of their inhabitance that they leave in their wake. One of these clues are family photographs: the whole gang at Disneyland, your son’s graduation photo in his cap and gown, your kids as younger kids, playing in the dirt, or at the park, or with worms in the backyard. Whatever the memory may be, your home is the perfect place to showcase them. The challenge, however, is finding a way to display your photographs that meshes with your home’s existing decor. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you do just that.  


Create a Gallery Wall 

When done correctly, a gallery wall can act much like an accent wall, creating a visual focal point in a room. As an added perk, a gallery wall can be a very a simple DIY, and can be used as a method to display a variety of favorite family memories. Click here for some tips on creating your very own gallery wall. 


Photo Source: hgtv.com


Match Them 

Of course, one simple way to ensure your photos aren’t clashing with the rest of your home’s decor, is to simply match your frames to the dominate color in the room you wish to display them. This works especially well if you’ve got lots of earthy neutrals or natural wood tones; simply select frames made of the same wood, or something similar. The effect will be truly cohesive.  

Photo Source: shelterness.com


Go Black and White 

Often, what tends to be the cause of a photo-décor clash, is the colors within the photographs, which of course you can’t control – or can you? If you’re hoping to put pictures up in a room that already has a lot of bold color action, consider taking a muted route with your photos, and get them printed in classic black and white or in any pallet of monochrome that suits the room’s aesthetic.  

Photo Source: boredart.com


Display Them Along Your Staircase 

One place in your home that’s likely in need of some personalization is the wall along your staircase. Hanging photos in a trajectory parallel to your stairs is a strategic way to ensure this often underestimated space makes a statement. 

Photo Source: studio-mcgee.com

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