Tips for Landscaping on a Budget


Achieving beautiful-backyard-status doesn’t have to be a bank-account-draining affair. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up five thrifty tips for the DIY landscaper.  


Reduce Your Lawn Size 

Not only does having a large lawn cost a lot, (think: money spent on watering, weed management, and lawn cutting), but maintaining one is also majorly time consuming. For a more economical solution, consider replacing at least a portion of your lawn with inexpensive, drought-resistant plants, gravel, paver stones, or grass.  


Embrace Grass 

Grass is easy and inexpensive to maintain, and comes in a range of cool looking varieties. Some grasses worth adding to your yard include fountain grass, MORE GRASS, and blue oat grass. 


Trade Cuttings 

Gardening may not immediately strike you as a communal activity, but it can be, so long as you’re willing to share! Sharing clippings is an inexpensive way to diversify your garden. 


Plant Perennials 

A perennial plant is one that you don’t have to replant every year. Beautiful blooms such as sage, peonies, or chrysanthemum will look great in your garden and will cost you only an initial purchase in return for years of reward.  


Embrace Green-er Gardening 

As is the case with appliances and solar energy, going green in the realm of gardening also happens to be the more financially sustainable choice. This is because composting is free, (not to mention great for your plants), and non-chemical techniques cost less than chemical-ridden pesticides. Other green measures you can take in your garden include collecting rainwater and planting native plants. For more tips on how to garden green-er, click here

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