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Top Tips for Cottage Opening Season

Spring is finally here and for cottage owners, this time of year is perfect for opening the cottage! Start your cottage season right by following these tips and tricks from Saniflo:

  • Before you head to the cottage, especially if it’s a far drive away, make sure to check your car’s lights, tire pressure and fluids. If it needs a tune-up, take it in for servicing before your trip.
  • Assemble a car emergency kit, including first-aid items, water and other tools so that you’re always prepared in the event of a breakdown. Restock your emergency kit on a seasonal basis.
  • Make sure your boating and/or fishing license hasn’t expired. And, don’t forget to check that your boat trailer is in good working condition.
  • After arriving at the cottage, walk around and look for any signs of winter damage to the exterior. Check the electricity meter and look for any signs of faulty or chewed wiring from weather or pests before turning on your power.
  • Test your cottage smoke detectors and replace the batteries if needed before you fire up the barbeque for the season!
  • Examine your plumbing and look for signs of water damage in the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms.

If you’re looking to repair or upgrade your cottage bathroom or kitchen, or add a laundry room for added convenience at your home-away-from-home, Saniflo’s range of plumbing systems are a great solution. All you need is a power supply and water!

Saniflo provides a wide array of simple, cost-effective renovation possibilities for cottagers no matter the situation. The Saniplus is perfect for installing full bathrooms, especially in cottage basements where you can’t drill down below the bedrock. For a laundry room install, the Saniswift can be used to pump waste water up and away from a washing machine and/or laundry sink.

All Saniflo’s powerful plumping solutions are designed to handle the toughest applications meant for grey water pumps. They feature quiet operation with minimal power consumption and are easy to install without hiring a professional.

For more information about Saniflo, please visit and find us on !

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