Learn what you can do with an awkward space in your bedroom.

An empty space in your bedroom can be a creative challenge. Attempting to make the most of an awkward area including loft ceilings, corners, or a staircase can be tasking. Have no fear, we are happy to give your creative juices a bit of a kick, and hopefully lead you in the right direction to fill an empty space with some terrific ideas.

A Cozy Sitting Area To Re-Charge

After a long day at the office, running errands, driving children to their extra curricular activities, arriving home to an oasis bedroom is exactly what your harried mind and body crave.

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Turn an awkward or blank space into a cozy sitting area complete with either a corner chair, chaise lounge or a love seat.

Let the day’s activities melt away after you have tossed the briefcase in the closet, thrown the groceries into the fridge and have prepared a nice cup of tea, or poured yourself a glass of wine. Then make your way to the bedroom to immerse yourself into the welcoming ambiance of a quiet and serene sitting area.

Sounds lovely, right? Believe me when I say, this is an incredibly doable and easy project, and an excellent “fix” to that challenging space in your bedroom. Why not set up a corner chair with a small side table. Perhaps the sitting area will be in proximity to a window providing natural light while you decompress. Another option is positioning either a chaise lounge or love seat with pillows and a comfy blanket.

Ensure you have a small side table for that glass of wine, your tablet or a good book.

Creating a sitting area in your bedroom is one of the easiest ways to remedy an awkward space while affording an aesthetically appealing, yet comfortable space to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

Create A Dedicated Computer Space In Your Bedroom

Say goodbye to the days of using a laptop while sitting up in your bed. Instead, use that extra space in your bedroom to generate an appealing, yet practical computer working area. Source a decorative and size appropriate desk for the space, keeping in mind the desk will be the focal point of the space.

If you will be spending long periods of time at your bedroom workstation, it is imperative to choose the right chair.

With the amount of options available today, chairs come in all shapes and sizes to ensure they are ergonomically correct while appealing to decorative requirements. A computer workstation should remain simple and include your laptop, perhaps an additional monitor, mouse, and necessary supplies such as pens and paper clips. Ensure you have available storage to prevent any type of clutter as an organized and attractive workspace improves happiness and productivity.

Another tip for your bedroom computer space is to ensure your desk is facing outward toward either a window or a wall.

This will limit distractions including the lure of your comfy bed as you try desperately to get that major proposal done – without having to fall victim to the “call of the nap”.

A Vanity For The Beginning And End Of Your Day

Ah, the Vanity. A simple, yet vital part of our mornings and evenings. Having been developed for the elite societies of Europe in the 17th century, the vanity or dressing table, continues as a luxurious piece of furniture in bedrooms and sitting areas around the world.

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Why not take advantage of Europe’s social elite and their fondness for the vanity. Perhaps consider a vanity for that problematic space in your bedroom. If you are struggling with an awkward corner or blank space, the placement of a vanity may be a perfect solution. Whether you purchase a new set, or browse second-hand shops, be sure to add a smidgen of creativity with your project. Use such accents as antique perfume bottles, dried flowers plus an ornamental lamp for lighting. Perhaps source some unique mirrors, install shelves for photos or art prints.

The role of a vanity is to provide an accessible area as you may prepare for the day ahead.

Be sure to store your make-up and tools in either decorative storage bins within easy access for both your morning and evening routines.

A Book Lover’s Retreat – A Bedroom Library

Book Lovers Rejoice!

The time has come to ignore naysayers and embrace a love for the written word by installing a library in the bedroom. What better way to take advantage of that empty, awkward space than by installing shelving or a bookcase? If your bedroom is a retreat after a long day, then by all means, please add a plethora of books to your sacred space.

Be creative with your options by including unique shelving, color coordinated book covers, family photos, book memes and quirky accessories with a literature theme.

Curl up with a good book while snuggled under the covers, content with the knowledge that another book is not far away. Whether your bedroom library is a floor to ceiling shelving masterpiece, or simply a small bookcase under a window, having books at your fingertips may result in your never leaving the bedroom.

What can I do about an awkward space in my bedroom? Storage: Get Creative With That Awkward Space

Creating a storage area out of an empty, problematic space, is an appealing idea that may put an end to your bedroom’s “blank space” dilemma.

Evaluate the space and get creative. Depending on your budget and the dimensions required, one option is built-in storage.

The benefits of built-in storage are numerous due to the customization factor. The ability to build a strategic solution tailored to fit all areas, is extremely appealing.

Whether you have a small or large area, a built-in can be designed to fit. If a built-in solution isn’t feasible, there are other options available to provide storage capabilities while enhancing your bedroom’s decorative ambiance.

Shelving is a great alternative. Shelving offers a wide range of decorative and functional possibilities to match the décor and ambiance of your bedroom. Wicker baskets and attractive boxes can be used to conceal items including sheets, blankets, or other objects you may want mask.

What to do with awkward space in my bedroom? If the area in question is limited in size, consider using a slim cabinet. It won’t take up much space and is perfect for shoes or other small items. – Text by Cora Lee

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