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1 Sofa – 6 Different Looks

Transforming the appearance of a classic sofa with clean lines from my new Yanic Simard Furniture Concept Line allows you to inject your own personality. It’s very easy to do with the use of different pillows, throws, and the position you place them in. You might have caught my CityLine segment on this in April, and if you did you’ll remember that Tracy and I only got through 5 of the 6 looks!! Here you’ll see all 6.

Look 1: Casual
-Loosely throw your cushions on the sofa with the throw wherever they may land for a very relaxed look. For an added touch, create a story with a scheme. Here we decided to go with the 4 elements – earth, wind, fire and water.
(Pillows from Artistic Textiles, Throw from Indigo)

Look 2: Exotic
The use of animal print and leather here creates the exotic vibe that makes up this scheme. This look can be made easily by taking a trip to Snob, a shop where you will find unique items that are all made by hand in South Africa. Two lighter coloured pillows make up the left side while one more weighted kidney pillow balances out the right side. The throw is placed like a runner down the middle of the sofa.
(Kidney and Gold Pillow from Snob, Throw and Leopard Pillow from Elte)

Look 3: Traditional
Here we remove the three quilted cushions that come with the sofa, and fill the back with very elegant velvet and silk pillows all within the same colour family. The throw is loosely hung over the sofa arm, which, when all together, makes for a very beautiful yet comfortable, cozy look.
(Pillows & Throw from Elte)

Look 4: Contemporary
Neatly placing a toss cushion in the front and center of each back cushion visually looks very clean and conventional. The mix of the different fabric materials adds a bit of an edge to the overall more conservative look.
(Pillows and Throw from Elte)

Look 5: Global
Here the sofa is dressed up with pillows and a throw made in India. The different shaped pillows are dispersed on the sofa and the floor, while the throw engulfs the entire seat. This is a very relaxed yet bold and colourful look that is sure to add interest and personality to any space.
(Pillows and Throw from Haveli Home)

Look 6: Modern
Less is more to create this minimalist, unfussy look. Two of the same pillows were used on either end of the sofa, slightly leaning against each arm with a throw tightly rolled in the center of the sofa on the seat.
(Pillows & Throw from Indigo)

If you missed the segment on CityLine, check it out here – it starts a little after 28m, 45s. Tracy and I had a lot of fun with this one!

The sofa shown in all 6 looks is from the Yanic Simard Concept Furniture Line exclusively available at Design Solutions.

Additional Sources:
Wood Wall: Finium Friendly Wall available through Tada Connection
Artwork, accessories & Rug: Elte
Side tables: Part of the Yanic Simard Concept Furniture Line available through Design Solutions


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