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10 Hacks for a Smooth Self-Move

Photo Source: bayareaselfstorage.com

Photo Source: bayareaselfstorage.com

Moving companies tend to ease the stress of a big move, but they can also end up being an expensive cost on top of an already financially stained time in your life. Luckily, it is possible to DIY your own move, saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Check out these ten hacks for making your moving day a good one.


  1. Organize your boxes and furniture items by weight, placing the heavier items at your door to be loaded into your vehicles first. This way, you will end up stacking the lighter or more delicate items on top of the heavier items.


  1. Purchase clear bins and fill them with things you know you will be needing first once you’ve moved. This will save the hassle of having to search through dozens of cardboard boxes to find your toothbrush.


  1. Use saran wrap or press and seal to protect furniture items from getting scratched or dirty. Saran wrapping your chest of drawers will prevent them from opening up during the move. You can also use saran wrap to cover the open tops of lotion bottles and anything liquid and then secure the lids over the saran wrap for double duty spill proofing.


  1. If you’re taking your fridge with you, avoid mess and leaks by defrosting at least a day in advance.


  1. Use suitcases for heavy items, such as books. The handles and wheels will make for easier transport.


  1. Save all your toilet paper rolls in the weeks leading up to your move and then use them to store and transport wires and cables.


  1. Take a photo of the wire connections on your electronics before you unplug and pack them so that you’re able to swiftly and correctly reassemble the connections post-move.


  1. Keep your clothes on the hanger for fast and easy unpacking, then slide groups of hung clothes directly into draw string garbage bags, using the strings to secure the bags onto the hangers.


  1. Contact a charity organization a few weeks before your move and see if they are interested in any of the items you were planning on donating or discarding anyways.


Use sweaters, blankets and scarves to pack up delicate items. For vases and glasses, pack the hollow insides with clean socks. This means you can skip the bubble wrap, newspaper or packing peanuts, meaning less mess and less waste later on when you’re unpackin

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