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Tips for a Smooth Move

Photo Source: libertymutual.com

Photo Source: libertymutual.com

Declutter well in advance

Especially if you’re paying for movers, you want to avoid packing up and transporting unnecessary stuff. Take the time, well before your move, to go through each room of your home and remove items that should be discarded or donated.


Consider your new space before the moving day 

Things like painting, cleaning, installing window treatments and renovating are easier to do without furniture and boxes in the room, so if you have access to your new place before the date of the actual move, spend some time there getting general housekeeping out of the way.


If you have the time, move slowly

If you’re moving within the same city, take things over the course of a few weeks, and ease the transition for yourself. Moving your things gradually could mean not having to hire professional movers at all.

Photo Source: housesinvesting.com

Photo Source: housesinvesting.com 

Be prepared for your movers

Before the day of your move, make sure you items on hand that your movers might need, including extra boxes, packing tape, markers paper towels, cleaning agents and garbage bags.

It also doesn’t hurt to provide your crew with light snacks and beverages to keep them motivated and show your appreciation. This is a must if you have friends and family helping out.


Be smart about your packing

Designate and number boxes by room and keep a list on your phone of what each box contains and what room it’s for. This will save you loads of stress when you have to ultimately unpack.

Additionally, don’t make the mistake of paying for moving boxes when you can get them free off of Kijiji, Craigslist or nearby coffee shops, liquor stores and grocery stores.



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