Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Bedroom Inspiration Gallery

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Bedroom Inspiration Gallery

A small bedroom can be a challenge, but sometimes it’s simply a matter of better utilizing the space you do have, even if it’s not a lot. Use these 10 tips to give your bedroom the look and feel of a much larger room.


  1. Be very wary of clutter. If you’re working with a small bedroom, clutter is a luxury you simply can’t afford.


  1. Create a focal point. Put your bed against a main wall and consider making it an accent wall with paint or wallpaper.


  1. Merge your bedside table and desk. And if you don’t typically use your room to work in, why not skip the desk all together?


  1. Downsize your bed.


  1. Hang your lamp. This trick will save you valuable real estate on your floor or bedside table; not to mention, a cool chandelier can add a unique and fun touch to your room and disperse light better than a singular lamp would.


  1. Opt for a box set for your bed with storage underneath. You bed is likely the largest piece of furniture in your room, so make sure you are getting the most utility possible out of it. Find a bed frame with drawers underneath, or a hollow underneath so you can use it as hidden storage.


  1. Use a statement mirror. Place it across from a window to maximize the light.


  1. Don’t waste your corners. Consider installing corner shelves or a curved rod to hang clothing on.


  1. When it comes to window treatments, opt for sheer. Lace and voile are materials that will give you privacy, add a cute touch to your room and let just the right amount of light in.


  1. If you must have a television, skip the stand. Mount it instead.


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