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The Pro Lock is a heavy-duty, contractor-grade extension cord that even comes in handy around the house. It’s THE LAST EXTENSION CORD YOU WILL EVER NEED. The Pro Lock sets itself apart from all other cords in the industry with a quality design, unique, patented safety features, and four vibrant theft deterrent colors. Pro Lock is distributed in Canada exclusively by The Blue Collar Pros.

Available in FOUR bright, theft deterrent colors.

Pro-Lock is the only cord in the Canadian market that allows you to personalize it by getting your name printed all along the length of the cord. Now you will never lose a cord again, plus extra marketing for your company on the jobsite!

The unique locking device rates at 80lbs of pull strength, and the patented ‘Continuous Ground Monitoring system’ CGM for short, ensures that your cord is grounded back to the circuit. The Pro-Lock also has a lighted power check on the male end, reinforced nickel-plated blades, and a sturdy cold weather jacket for hard service use. Universally recognized by OSH, these incredible features keep up safety and cut down fines on any job site.


Most extension ladders can be awkward, heavy, and difficult to store but with the Telesteps extension ladders, all those problems go away! Telesteps extension ladders can have a height from 10.5ft to 14.5ft but what makes them so special is that they are telescopic meaning they can extend to those heights from their original closed height of only 32 inches! Great for storage whether it’s in your closet or under a bed, these ladders are made from aircraft aluminum alloy making these lightweight to carry but provide superior strength and security.

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