, 5 Places You Never Knew You Could Put a Toilet!

Adding a toilet, sink or laundry system where plumbing does not already exist can be a nightmare! Since entering the market over 25 years ago, macerating toilet systems have become a staple in simple home renovations. These systems literally allow you to put a toilet just about anywhere – including spaces where toilet installation would have been costly or impossible in the past. Here are a few places you never knew you could put a toilet!

1. At the Lake

Adding or updating plumbing at the cottage can be an expensive process! Using a Saniflo system, you can add a toilet, sink or laundry facilities where ever you wish, making your time at the cottage much more enjoyable!

2. In the Backyard

This is every mother’s dream – a washroom the kids can use without needing to run though the house with dirty feet! A backyard shed or outbuilding can easily house a toilet and sink for convenient washroom trips without messing up the house!

3. In the Garage

An alternative to a backyard bathroom, creating a bathroom space in the garage gives family members a space to clean up before entering the house after work as well!

4. In the Basement

As families grow, a second bathroom often becomes necessary to accommodate teenage children and their friends. The basement often provides the space needed for a second bathroom and a Saniflo system means that plumbing installation is no longer an issue!

5. In the Attic

Another option many have not considered is the attic! If your home has available attic space, this can be a great place to put a second bathroom as well.

Trends in home renovation for 2014 include a sleeker, more polished looks that are also more functional and eco-friendly. European wall-hung toilets have increased in popularity with the unique, minimalist design to have a much smaller and less noticeable appearance in a room. With the help of a frame located inside of a wall, these toilets can accommodate just about any user.

Wall hung toilets, such as Sanistar, make excellent use of space, leaving cleaning a breeze since there is no stand affixed in the floor. Additionally because macerating toilets, like those offered by Saniflo, provide a solution to design desires without the need for time-consuming and messy conventional renovations, homeowners will find they are an economical as well as aesthetic alternative. As with any installation, it is best to do your homework before DIY or enlist the help of a professional to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

More information on these toilet systems is available online at www.saniflo.ca or toll-free at 1-800-363-5874.

, 5 Places You Never Knew You Could Put a Toilet!

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  • I would Like to update my top floor bathroom with a New and Improved toilet, I think it would be Perfect and very exciting replacing an ugly old one, to a Brand spanking New one! Epic Giveaway ,,,,Thank you for the chance

  • Would love a bathroom outside. Our kids always seem to have to go inside (with muddy shoes, wet feet, or whatever the weather) to go to the bathroom. Would love to have one outside so my inside stays a bit cleaner!

  • I would love to put a toilet by our pool..hate having to wipe water off the floor every time someone comes into the house to use the washroom after getting out of the pool..genius!

  • I’ve put one outside in a shed which I placed next to the soil pipe. FANTASTIC it brought back memory’s living as a kid
    In Salford. In the 1960s ding dong. I love it. Doing the gardening need a pee. No need to take your wellies off to walk through the house and it’s a great place to read a paper in the morning.

  • This is true, they are more expensive then a traditional toilet but they offer the ability to add a bathroom anywhere. For example, if you want to add a toilet in the basement and the plumbing wasn’t pre-planned, you will be looking at a very expensive plumbing bill not to mention the cost of jack hammering the concrete floor and then repairing the floor after the plumbing is in! When used for the intended purposes, the cost of the toilet is small compared to the costs involved with the alternative and the installation is much faster with much less headache!

, 5 Places You Never Knew You Could Put a Toilet!

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