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3 Top Exterior Renovation Tips for Creating Undeniable Curb Appeal

Exterior Renovation – Wondering how you can turn your home into the most attractive property on the block? Give your home some undeniable curb appeal with these three great exterior renovation projects.

1. Improve Your Landscaping

Your landscaping has a huge impact on your home’s overall curb appeal, which is why giving your yard a quick refresher adds beauty for years to come. Start your yard transformation by giving your lawn some attention. You might be surprised to know that your lawn needs to be fed in all seasons, even when the grass goes dormant. In addition to applying an eco-friendly fertilizer in the spring, feed your grass with a fall and winter blend of nutrients as the weather starts getting cold.

You should also pay special attention to your trees as you’re making your landscaping renovations. Enlist the help of an expert tree trimming service to shape your trees in an attractive way. Healthy trees exhibit a nice level of balance and a quick trim enhances the tree’s natural shape, improving the overall aesthetic of your landscaping.

Exterior Renovation

2. Exterior Renovation – Install Stone Veneer

The addition of stone veneer to a home’s façade is a curb appeal-boosting improvement that’s been gaining major popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. This quick, yet effective project adds instant character to any home. Stone veneer comes in a variety of textures and colors so spend some time finding an option that would look striking on your home. Aim for creating contrast – for example, if your home is painted in a dark color, a lighter-colored stone veneer can really pop. In addition, be selective with where you install the veneer. Place the veneer near your main entries, including your front door and your garage door, turning them into great focal points with tons of character.

Perhaps the best part about this project is that it pays dividends when it comes to bringing in a return on your investment. The installation of stone veneer immediately raises your home’s value should you choose to sell in the future. Not only do you get to enjoy the aesthetic boost that comes when you install this feature, but you also build instant equity.

3. Exterior Renovation – Add Outdoor Lighting

Your home can have curb appeal even after the sun goes down through the use of landscape lighting. Consider placement carefully as you plan a new outdoor lighting strategy. Instead of installing spotlights only at ground-level, consider placing them in the trees to bathe your lawn and driveway with attractive dappled light that mimics the light of the moon.

In addition, consider installing some additional lighting around all the paths and walkways on your property. Place solar-powered lanterns along these paths and space them about five feet apart to provide enough light for you and your guests to safely move about your yard after dark. These lights don’t require any complex wiring so you’re free to play with the configuration.

You can set the standard for the neighborhood by giving your home some lasting curb appeal. Give these projects a try and you’ll transform your home into the focal point of the entire neighborhood.

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