What can I put on a small balcony? A balcony is a great way to extend your condo’s living space. Here are a few things you can put on a small outdoor space to transform it into a beautiful and functional space to entertain, work or just relax.


Small Balcony Idea #1: Luxury Meets Nature

Combining luxurious modern materials with nature inspired details creates a modern but cozy feel. This balcony pairs modern lines and limestone flooring with greenery and wooden accents for the perfect outdoor area.

balcony decor

Source: Lumon

Small Balcony Idea #2: The Weather Game

Designed in Finland, this sunroom product for condos is allowing millions of people in Europe and North America to better utilize their balconies. The frameless glass panels can slide open or closed, creating a flexible balcony space that maintains its essential outdoor character. When the panels are closed, they cancel more than 50% of noise, protect the balcony space from wind and rain, and reduce energy usage in the home by as much as 18.3%.

small balcony vertical garden small
Photo Source: lacasadefreja.com

Small Balcony Idea #3: The Right to Privacy

It’s no surprise that balconies offer little to no privacy! With space at a premium, it can be a challenge to create a private yet beautiful space. If you have a green thumb, why not consider a vertical garden that also acts as a privacy barrier? This will not only give your outdoor space a touch of greenery but also give more of a backyard outdoor feel. 

bed on small balcony decor idea

Photo Source: jackiegiardina on flickr

Small Balcony Idea #4: Use your vertical space

Remember to design your small balcony just as you would any other room in your condo. You want to create a color scheme and theme and follow through by using every aspect of the space to accomplish your design goals. Hanging wall pieces creates a sense of warmth in the otherwise stark concrete box. 

bed on small balcony idea
Photo Source: zyhomy.com

Small Balcony Idea #5: Lounging Around

Outdoor beds or lounging areas offer a casual feel. Remember to tailor your balcony to your needs. If you prefer to lounge with a book and glass of wine after a long day, this might be just the addition that you need. 

table on the ledge on a small balcony
Photo Source: decoradeas.com

Small Balcony Idea #6: Hang on…I’m on the edge!

You have to think outside the box when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Imagine having a drink or a bite to eat while enjoying an amazing view! This fun twist to a traditional bar seating set up is also great when entertaining family and friends. Folding bar chairs also make this space very versatile as this area can be easily transformed to suit whatever your heart desires.

flooring for a small balcony decor
Photo Source: apartmenthayley.zazzli.ru

Small Balcony Idea #7: Floor It!

Create an outdoor oasis by installing outdoor flooring and artificial grass to give your space an amazing cozy feel. It is not only more aesthetically pleasing but also feels better when walking bare feet. 

BONUS! How do I get rid of pigeons on my balcony?

get rid of pigeons on small balcony

A great way to get rid of pigeons is to apply a bit of honey where they perch. This will deter them from hanging around. Another home remedy is to sprinkle pepper or chili powder on the surfaces where they land. 


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  • I absolutely love #5, the lounge/bed for the small balcony space. Where would one purchase this and is it the same as using a twin size mattress?