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4 Clever DIY Garage Organization Ideas

DIY Garage Organization – Keeping your garage an organized space can be a challenge. Proper planning can help you keep things neat and easy to find. There are many simple things you can do to make managing all of the items in your garage easier. Here are four organizational projects you can do yourself with simple materials.

1. Construct Your Own Simple Dolly

DIY Garage Organization

DIY Garage Organization – Moving heavy items around your garage can be a pain. Make things easier by creating your own simple dolly. Simply take a sturdy piece of plywood in your desired size and attach casters and wheels to construct a sturdy platform to roll these items from one area to another. You will be able to safely move larger objects without having to find someone to help you. 

2. Create Caulk Tube Storage for DIY Garage Organization

Keeping track of your various tubes of caulk and glue can be much easier if you create a simple organizer to store them. You can take a small scrap board and drill some holes in it that you can insert the tip of the tube into. Mount the board somewhere convenient in your garage and you’ll no longer have tubes rolling around on your work table or the floor. You’ll always be able to find the one you need when you’re ready to use it. 

3. Make a Fishing Rod Organizer

DIY Garage Organization – Your fishing gear is an investment you’ll want to protect. It’s easy to make a simple rod holder using just a length of PVC pipe and a pool noodle. Drill holes along the PVC that are large enough for the handles of your poles. Cut some slits in the pool noodle to line up with the holes in the PVC pipe. Then mount both a few feet apart on the wall. You’ll be able to put the base of your pole into the holes of the PVC, while the top of the rod sits in the pool noodle.

4. Add Ceiling Storage

When organizing, be sure to consider all of the space available to you. Adding storage to your garage ceiling is fairly easy and can keep seasonal items or things you don’t use often out of the way. You can use hooks on the ceiling to hang things such as bikes or kayaks, or you can build a simple tote storage system to store smaller items. Using a few small boards you can create tracks attached to the ceiling that you can slide lightweight totes into until you need them. 

Staying organized can sometimes seem overwhelming, but with these DIY garage organization tips, some planning and preparing you can make your garage a much more useful space.

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