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It’s February and even though it happens to be Valentine’s Day, it also happens to be cold outside. If you and your S.O. are finding the weather to be frightful, why not have a date in. Of course, you could always order a pizza and watch Netflix, but in the interest of it being Valentine’s Day, we urge you to be a little more creative. Here are four Valentine’s Day date ideas that don’t involve changing out of your sweatpants.


A two-person pot luck

This idea is simple in practice and is guaranteed to please. Rather than give the gift of flowers, cards, chocolates or expensive jewelry this Valentine’s Day, agree to cook and surprise each other with one another’s favorite meals. This will test how well each person knows the other’s taste and in the end both of you can enjoy the fruits of your labor together.


Set up a spa day

Couple spa days are great and all, but they can also be expensive. Instead of forking over the contents of your wallet and letting strangers have all the fun, why not set up a spa experience in the comfort of your home. Fill up the tub, drop in a few bath bombs, light candles and use the money you’ll save to treat yourselves to a nice bottle of wine and indulge in a decadent takeout meal from your favorite restaurant.


Do fondue

Who doesn’t love a good fondue. Choose your brew, cheese or chocolate, and teach yourselves how to make a pot, sans fondue-pot. Find out how here.


Go indoor camping

The weather may not permit you to pitch a tent outdoors, but you can always enjoy the best parts about camping in the comfort of your own living room. Light a fire in your fireplace and cozy up with blankets, snacks and wine and simply enjoy each other’s company or watch a movie. Don’t forget the s’mores!


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