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4 Ways to Automate Your Kitchen

Photo Source: blessthisstuff.com

Photo Source: blessthisstuff.com

Home automation is now more accessible and inclusive than ever. Advancements in smart features allow homeowners to sync capabilities throughout the home, (and even outside of it), improving day-to-day functionality and security for users, often on a custom level. The most basic elements in the home, like lighting, window treatments and air temperature, now have high tech counterparts; the same goes for our most standard of appliances.


When it comes to the kitchen, the automation of frequently used appliances can be nothing short of a blessing for those struggling to maintain an oftentimes tedious home/work balance. Smart kitchen technology allows users to stay on top of food prep, kitchen safety, and even cleanliness, without having to actually be in the home.


Smart coffee maker 

Standard coffee makers tend to have settings on them which allow you to brew a pot on a timer system – but manufacturers are taking it a few steps further now, with machines that brew more than just your basic cuppa. Smart coffee makers allow you to make espressos, lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos, and grind fresh coffee beans, with the push of a button on your smartphone. Control the strength of your brew via smartphone as well.


Smart ovens and stove tops 

WiFi connectivity allows users to control their ovens and stoves remotely; which means getting a head start on food prep at home, before you even leave the office. For your oven you can easily pre heat, turn off and adjust temperatures and timers from your smart phone. For your stove you can check the status of the burner plates remotely, and never again spend your day worrying that you forgot to turn the stove off before leaving for work that morning.


Smart microwaves 

These advanced microwaves include wand technology that can gauge the power level and cooking time suited to your foods by scanning the barcodes on their packaging. (And I was impressed by the popcorn button … )


Multimedia entertainment 

Sync your home’s entertainment system with a multimedia interface screen in your kitchen, allowing you to access music, movies, recipes and control your appliances. Link this interface up to your smartphone for maximum ease and capability wherever you are.

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