While marble and granite may be the first materials you think of when planning your kitchen countertops, there are many other options you may not have thought to consider!

Photo Source: hgtv.com

Photo Source: hgtv.com


Although glass is a pricier choice, glass countertops are contemporary, chic and modern. The smooth, reflective surface of the glass also retains the light in your kitchen.



Soapstone will yield lifelong results. In addition to being durable, soapstone is naturally non porous, a quality that makes it unaffected by spills or bacteria. The catch with soapstone: you’ll have to find a retailer that specializes in obtaining and retailing it.

Photo Source: colorcopper.com

Photo Source: colorcopper.com


The unique look of this material certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy the distinctive blend of rusty reds, greens and browns, copper might be worth the investment. Copper is also easy to clean and maintain, with some alloys having natural antibacterial properties, and can be obtained from scrap yards and repurposed, making it a sustainable choice.



With the reemergence of craftsman style decor, wood countertops aren’t an unusual pick for designers and homeowners. Use wood in conjunction with a sealer to protect it against standard kitchen moisture.

Photo Source: improvenet.com

Photo Source: improvenet.com


The pros of using bamboo for anything in your home are plain. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, given it’s quick regrowth rate, it’s relatively cheap and painless to install, and it’s durable. That said, bamboo is quick to stain, so if you are considering using it for your countertops, look into what it will take to preemptively protect it. This might mean coating it in beeswax periodically.



You won’t have to worry about durability when it comes to this heavyweight. Concrete is also easily customizable, enduring processes like pigmenting, acid staining and dyeing, to give you an end result that is a unique reflection of your tastes.  For added character and custom flare, combine recycled glass and concrete.



This unconventional metal has antibacterial properties and an unconventionally warm hue that darkens over time. Though it is a malleable metal, making it susceptible to scratches and heat, it’s natural tarnish can be add visual interest. If you’re not a big fan of the weathered look, beeswax can be used to protect the surface and slow down the wear and tear.

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