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5 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

valentinesEvery year, when Valentine’s Day comes around, the challenge of planning the perfect romantic evening rears its ugly head. Couples want to have a special and enjoyable Valentine’s Day, but it can be very difficult to achieve the perfect evening. Many people agree that the typical Valentine’s Day ideas have been overdone, and are even a bit boring. Try one of these 5 creative Valentine’s Day Ideas to have a great Valentine’s Day with something new.

#1 Cook Together

Every couple goes out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Going out to dinner is hardly a creative or unique idea, as many couples go out to dinner often every other day of the year. To truly try a creative Valentine’s Day idea, select a few new recipes together, and cook them together. Couples can create a theme for their meal, or create a meal that is entirely made up of each person’s favorite dishes. Cooking together and working together adds an intimate feel to the atmosphere of the evening, and is sure to add an extra romantic touch. Don’t forget the candles!

#2 Take a New Class Together

One great and creative Valentine’s Day idea is to take a new class with one’s boyfriend or girlfriend. The couple can choose a class to learn to do something they’re both interested in learning more about. Various dance and exercise classes are popular options are great ways to learn some new exercises while spending time together. Couples can also get involved in other types of classes, like cooking classes, or classes that teach about a new hobby. Such classes might open doors to a fun new activity for both to enjoy long past Valentine’s Day.

#3 Give Back

Volunteering is a great idea for a more creative Valentine’s Day. Many people enjoy the good feeling they get from doing something good to help someone else out, and being able to share that feeling with one’s boyfriend or girlfriend is a great way to bond and feel close to each other. There are many different ways to give back, and working at soup kitchens, after school tutoring programs, church, and animal shelters are some of the most popular ones.

For couples interested in volunteering on Valentine’s Day, it’s a good idea to find an idea volunteering location, and call beforehand to make arrangements. Some locations may require training or background checks before one can be allowed to volunteer, and others may not need extra help on the date in mind. If you are at a loss as to where to donate your time then consider giving your time to help the homeless by volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries.

#4 Do Something Completely New

Many couples fall into the rut of always doing the same old thing; going to the same bar, eating at the same restaurants, and just being caught up in the same routine. A truly creative Valentine’s Day activity involves a great degree of spontaneity, so couples should consider doing something they’ve never done before.

Couples don’t have to go too crazy to liven up their routine. A couple could simply go to dinner at a new location or take a walk in a neighborhood they haven’t been in before. Rent a movie neither person has seen before, have dessert before the main course of the meal, or go to a brand new museum or exhibit. All these options offer small ways to do something completely new.

For couples that want to go all out, consider visiting a completely new location for Valentine’s Day, so every portion of the day is brand new. This means that every restaurant, every bar, and every attraction will be an adventure for each person in the relationship. Don’t plan out the evening; instead, couples should just bring enough information to enjoy the new location safely, and plan things spur of the moment. The carefree atmosphere will provide an extra romantic feel.

#5 Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day is all about enjoying romance, but there are many ways to do this aside from watching a romantic movie. One creative Valentine’s Day movie is to visit either partner’s parents or another family member and ask them to tell the story of how they met.

Hearing the success of another couple’s relationship can be very moving and special for a different relationship. Another option is to have a serious, intimate conversation about the relationship. Relive the story of how the couple met, and different important moments in the relationship. Couples looking for a romantic evening should search for alternate methods.

These 5 creative Valentine’s Day ideas are great ways for couples to enjoy the day with their boyfriend or girlfriend spending time doing something more exciting than dinner and a movie. These ideas allow couples to further deepen their relationship while having new experiences and are sure to make lifelong Valentine’s Day memories.

Author Bio: Cecilia is a full-time mom and a part-time writer. She contributes to a number of different consumer websites including a website for finding health insurance. Now if only she could find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day!

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