Much like many popularized holidays, Valentine’s Day can be blatantly driven by consumerism, and between dinner and gifts, can take a rather sizeable tole on your wallet. But it doesn’t have to. Ensure your Valentine’s Day is an economical one this year with these budget friendly tips.


Avoid making it about the gifts

There are so many ways to show your SO that you appreciate them that don’t involve store-bought items. Discuss with your partner ahead of time that you’d like to exchange non-tangible gifts such as cooking for them or taking just the two of you on an inexpensive trip. 


Order flowers online

If you really want to surprise your SO with something like flowers, skip the florist and order online, where you’ll have more selection for a fraction of the cost.


Eat in 

Going out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day can not only end up being expensive, but it can be stressful between getting dressed up, finding parking, waiting for a table to become available, waiting for your food, and braving the chaos of wait staff and dozens of other couples. If both you and your partner are fine with it, consider skipping the restaurant this year and instead cook a fancy meal at home.



Many restaurants allow patrons to bring in their own bottle of wine for a flat rate, which will end up being a fraction of the cost of buying individual glasses or a bottle of the in-house stuff. Just ensure you phone the restaurant ahead to ensure this is not against their policy. 






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