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Your backyard can provide a much-needed and well-deserved escape from the chaos of everyday life. Between family, work, friends, hobbies, and not to mention household upkeep, an infusion of serenity and calm is sometimes necessary; and your backyard is the perfect place to get it! One thing that may take away from your peaceful escape, however, is your neighbour’s six year old throwing a tantrum on the porch next door. Perhaps it’s time to add some privacy to your yard.


There are a myriad of ways to add privacy to your outdoor space. Of course, the first one that comes to mind is likely fencing. That said, if you don’t want to build the Great Wall of China around the perimeter of your property, you do have other options:


Privacy Screens 

You can construct a privacy screen out of anything from wood slates to lightweight bamboo to lattice panels. An added perk: privacy screens can be a fairly simple DIY project.


Privacy Plantings

If you have the patience, planting shrubs, hedges or even trees can be a rewarding project that will add beauty as well as privacy to your yard. Try fast-growing columnar evergreens like Italian cypress or arborvitae. If you have the space, a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, punctuated with shrubs and perennials, can turn your home into a fortress.



Visual privacy is not the only thing to consider. A fountain is a smart way to drown out the sounds of your neighbour’s conversations, construction and traffic. Just remember; flowing water becomes louder the farther is falls and the more obstructions or ornaments in its path.


Clumping Bamboo

Clumping bamboo can grow up to 10 to 15 feet on average, and are easy to contain, (unlike their feisty cousin: running bamboo). Clumping bamboo is considered non-invasive and is generally easy to maintain.



If your yard features a semi-enclosed deck or a pergola, hang curtains! Choose a material that is heavy enough to stay put on a windy day, but won’t block out the light completely. Curtains are easy to install, move and change.


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  • I’ve never thought about this many different options for backyard privacy. Not to mention noise suppression without expensive equipment. Love the article.