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5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home This Weekend

If you’ve found yourself with a little time to spare this weekend, you might want to consider implementing some small updates that pack a big punch. Here are a few mini-reno ideas we recommend to occupy your weekend and refresh your home. 


Paint an Accent Wall

Photo Source: Beauti-tone,   Accent Wall in 2018 Color of the Year, Green Peace

If you want to lend a little drama to a room, a strategically placed accent wall might just do the trick. Select your accent wall based on the natural focal point of the room, and steer clear of walls with windows, doors, or other like obstructions. A particularly important step in painting an accent wall is prepping it. If you’re going with a contrasting color, and even if you’re not, it’s important to tape generously and using quality tape, such as Painter’s Mate Green. Use PMG to tape around all four sides of your accent wall, including the ceiling and baseboards. 


Touch-up Your Baseboards

Speaking of baseboards, which are notorious for collecting scuffs, chips, and scratches on a frequent basis, there’s a simple and fast way to refresh them too! The key to a clean and professional-looking paint job has to do, once again, with the prep: clean thoroughly with soap and water, sand them smooth, and tape above and beneath the boards using Painter’s Mate Green tape. 



Give Your Trim Some TLC

The steps to re-paint your trim are similar to the steps we outlined to touch-up your baseboards: clean, sand, tape, and paint.   According to the experts at PMG, semi- or high-gloss paint are both good options for high-traffic and high-moisture areas, which extends to exterior window trim. 


Repaint Your Cabinetry

Photo Source: Pinterest

It’s pretty common practice to leave the original cabinetry that came with the house as is for years, even decades. Cabinets are one of those rare products that can maintain functionality for a long time – that said, food splatter, heat and humidly exposure, and general wear-and-tear can definitely deplete the look of it. Luckily, you can renew the look of cabinetry with a can of paint. According to experts at Painter’s Mate Green, high-gloss paint is durable, highly reflective, and ideal for accents such as kitchen cabinets. 


Swap Out Old Textiles

This could mean anything from updating the linens in your bedroom or replacing the food-stained tablecloth in your dining room to swapping out worn out throw pillow covers and replacing your curtains. These small touches can make a bigger difference than you might think!

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