By now you’ll know that we take our home improvement hacks very seriously. Not because we want our readers to use short cuts, per se, but simply because we advocate for efficiency and general user-friendliness no matter the task at hand. Keep reading for five handy hacks to ensure minimal mess, minimal stress, and the best results when you paint.  


Get the Most out of Disposable Gloves  

Disposable gloves can be a valuable tool to have in your roster when you’re painting. Use them to keep your hands clean while you paint, and your brushes from drying out and/or collecting debris when they’re not in use.  


DIY an Adjustable Extension Pole 

An extension pole for your roller is simply necessary for many projects, though you may be hesitant to add yet another expense to your overall budget. A simple, cost-effective alternative is to utilize a push broom handle, so long as you don’t necessarily need the handle to be adjustable.  


Keep Your Paint Tray Paint-free 

Though the sub heading above may seem like a bit of a contradiction, keeping your paint tray free of paint is not as outlandish as it may seem. Lining your tray with aluminum foil or a plastic bag will streamline your cleanup process, and prevent toxic paint from being discarded down the sink drain.  


Care for Your Brushes as you Would Your Laundry 

Though the norm is to soak used paint brushes with water, you may notice that this method leaves much to be desired. Instead, soak your brushes in fabric softener, which will not only clean them, but keep them from drying out and hardening, and difficult to use later on.  


Spot-treat with Unexpected Materials 

For splatters and drips that are inevitable no matter how carefully you paint, makeup wipes containing alcohol can be employed to spot-treat small messes. To stop those drips and splatters from sticking in the first place, use a small paintbrush to apply Vaseline or lip chap to anything you don’t want painted, such as outlet and switch covers, baseboards, and screws. The wax component of these products will keep the paint from adhering to unwanted surfaces. 

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