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Wavin’ Flag Dresser DIY with Nicholas Rosaci

Nicholas Rosaci finds DIY treasure in a discarded wavy front dresser and gives it major Brit factor with an iconic Union Jack inspired makeover. – As seen in Canadian Home Trends Renovations Issue 2017

The Dresser Before

Brit Grit

Remove hardware, fill any gouges with wood filler, and lightly sand the chest using 80, 150 and 220 grit sandpaper. Rough up the finish just enough so the paint and primer can adhere strongly.

Coat of Arms

I used Behr Marquee Interior Semi- Gloss Enamel advanced stain blocking paint and primer in Indigo Ink (HDC-CL-26A) to cover the dresser entirely.   Of all the “royal-ish” blues, I found this particular blue to be the most adult and dramatic.

The Secret Tapes

There’s no secret here, the key to perfect stripes is using the right masking tape and then “sealing” the tape. I use only 3M Blue Painters Tape for delicate surfaces. First paint the dresser entirely blue and let dry. Apply the tape onto the dresser in the desired pattern (see below), and “Seal” the tape by brushing over the tape edges using the same color that happens to be underneath the tape, and let dry before applying additional colors (i.e. white or red paint). This ensures no additional colors will seep or bleed under the tape.

X Factor

The Iconic union Jack flag is made up of three different national symbols. The St. George Cross, (aka the flag of England) is the center red cross and easiest to create. I started by finding the center of the chest top, and applying the masking tape to form the outside edges of the cross. After sealing all of the tape edges in blue (see above), I painted the area of the cross (between the tape strips) Red (Behr P140-7 No More Drama), remove the tape after one hour and let completely dry.

The St Andrews Cross (aka the flag of Scotland) is the white “X” that appears behind the “”St, George Cross” and extends to the corners of the   chest.

Position the tape strips to create the outer edges of the  “White cross” but don’t be afraid to make eyeball adjustments for the waviness of the chest front or other difficult angles or areas. Seal each tape strip again in the color directly underneath and when completely dry, apply the white paint (Behr Ultra Pure White PR-W15) in the space between the tape strips in several thin light coats using a 1 inch paint brush for better control and minimal bleeding. Remove the tape after 1 hour and let completely dry.

The final cross is the St Patricks Cross – the flag of Ireland and is the red X that appears over the St. Andrew’s Cross. Use the same method described above to create the red St. Patrick’s Cross and any other details of the flag you desire. Lines that are imperfect can be touched up with a small fine tip artists brush and the appropriate touch up color needed.

The Royal Seal

Of course any valuable treasure must be protected, so to keep it looking regal for years to come as well as add a bit of Brit polish, I applied several coats of Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover Clear Gloss Sealant to the chest, letting one coat dry fully before applying the next.

Crown Jewels

The finishing touch called for chic brass and lucite crystal knobs from the Home Depot for affordable sparkle and luxury, but there are many hardware options available.

The final result is definitely a DIY fit for a King or Queen- be it of England or your own castle.

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Nicholas is the DIY Editor for Canadian Home Trends Magazine, an award-winning Designer Decorator, and appears as a guest expert on City TV’s CityLine. As Principal Designer, Interior Decorator and Stylist for Nicholas Rosaci Interiors, Nicholas creates chic, confident and glamorous spaces that cross the divide between Modern and Traditional.

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