The holidays are a great time for getting together with family and friends, but hosting a lot of people can be both stressful and time consuming. If you feel under fire this holiday season, you may be surprised to learn just how many things you can get done using a roll of Scotch Magic Tape. It’s a staple for gift-wrapping, but when it comes to hosting, here is some creative thinking, courtesy of 3M:

Need to decorate in a pinch? Rather than cluttering up table or mantle space, try taping the holiday cards you receive to your wall in fun, stylistic patterns. You can also use tape to add last-minute family photos around the house before gatherings that are sure to evoke hearty laughs around the dinner table.

Can’t get to the salon? Give yourself an at-home manicure. To begin, paint your nails a solid colour and let them dry completely. Cut pieces of tape into strips and gently press the strips onto your nails, using a separate colour to paint over each one. Slowly peel the tape off, and voila.

What about last-minute makeup? Tape is great for picking up the fallouts of eye shadows, pigments, smearing of eyeliner, mascara and more. Just make a circle with the tape (sticky side facing out) around your finger, then press against the makeup fallout, and watch makeup smears disappear.

No clue what to wear? As the host of the party, you’ll want to look your best. Flaunt new outfits before taking them to the tailor by using double-sided tape to shorten the length of pants, skirts or dresses. Also, keep tape handy to mend stressful wardrobe malfunctions such a last minute strap-break or hem drop.

Need to be picture-perfect? Memories don’t always last a lifetime, but pictures sure do. Use double-sided tape to guard against the embarrassment of a loose bra strap in a holiday photo.

Do you have your own hosting solutions to share? Pass them along and see others on the 3M Scotch Tape Facebook Page at For every solution shared, $1 is donated to the Children’s Aid Foundation.

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