10Getting shipments to where they need to be in time for the holidays is critical. So careful planning in the form of proper packaging is key during the busiest time of the year, whether you’re shipping across Canada or around the world.

“Handling more than a million shipments each day and keeping customer promises is what we do,” says Sandra MacLennan, vice president of customer care at Purolator. “During the festive season, due to increased shipment volumes, we encourage our customers to send their shipments early and stress the importance of proper packaging to help avoid any damage.”


Here are a few packaging tips:

  • Avoid previously used boxes. They lose strength over time and are unlikely to provide adequate protection throughout the distribution process. New and durable shipping boxes can be purchased from Purolator Shipping Centres or office-supply stores.
  • Place precious cargo in the centre of a box. Make sure all items fit well and are not protruding or compressed within the box.
  • Wrap all items individually using appropriate packing materials, such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts or air pillows. These materials should be at least three inches thick. For items with sharp edges, or fragile items like electronics, add cardboard inserts to protect the edges. Do not use newspapers, twine or tissue paper for cushioning as they do not offer enough protection.
  • Do not apply glue, masking tape, cellophane tape or opaque tape to seal your boxes. These materials lack strength to keep the package intact. Instead, use three-inch-wide plastic, pressure-sensitive tape to close all boxes, making sure all edge seams are taped.
  • Be sure to stick the shipping label on the largest, flattest surface of the box. Then double-check the accuracy of the sender and receiver information on the shipping label. When necessary, affix information to indicate that a glass, liquid or a heavy-weight object is enclosed. Lastly, retain a copy of your package identification number (PIN) for easy tracking.

Choose a reliable shipper that will provide you with options to ship online or schedule a pickup. Alternatively, drop off your shipments at one of the company’s locations or a drop box.

More information is available at purolator.com.


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