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6 Cool Gadgets to Boost Your Grill Game


Charcoal Starter

No need for lighter fluid, no need for a matchbook; a charcoal starter gets you started grilling faster and with less mess. This device uses concentrated hot air, getting you cooking in less than a minute with some models, lending overall ease to your grilling experience.


LED BBQ Grill Light

Hosting a cocktail party and planning on whipping up some mini sliders as well? A LED grill light is the perfect accessory to ensure maximum visibility when you’re cooking no matter the time of day.


Himalayan Salt Plate

This pink-ish block, sourced with salts and minerals from the Himalayas, has become a popular accessory for grillers for a few reasons:

  • It retains heat evenly.
  • It’s naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean.
  • It adds complex flavour to food.
  • It healthy adds minerals to your food.
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Burger Branding Iron

This customizable gadget serves less of a practical purpose, erroring on the side of novelty. Perfect for cook-offs, this tool allows the chef to stamp their initials on meat fresh off the grill.


Motorized Hot Dog Griller

This device, powered by an electric motor, ensures that your hot dogs are cooked evenly, free of burns or cold spots. Great for cooking dogs in large numbers.

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Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush

Not the most fun step, but still a necessary one: cleaning the grill. A motorized grill brush makes cleaning up a quick and painless process.



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