Patio furniture takes a beating no matter the season. Over the winter months, your outdoor pieces live in the garage, collecting dust and forming rust, and over the spring and summer, they’re subject to rain, sun and bugs. Worn out patio furniture can quickly become an eyesore which you may be tempted to drag out to the curb come garbage day – but before you do, consider giving your worn out wicker, wood and metal one more chance with these simple and foolproof revival tricks.



To remove odd spots of rust, use sandpaper or a metal bristled brush with warm soapy water to loosen rust build-up. Be sure to use a rust sealer on your furniture before applying a fresh coat of paint to prevent any remaining rust from spreading and ruining your paint job.


Try tung oil

Tung oil is a double threat when it comes to your wicker furniture pieces. Not only will a healthy coat of tung oil leave your wicker weather- and water-proof, but it will provide a rich brown colouring.


Spruce up dull wood

To bring dirt and grime to the surface of your wood, an all-in-one wood cleaning should do the trick. After a thorough cleaning, stain or seal the surface to protect it from further dulling.


Reupholster with odds and ends of fabric 

A quick, mess-less fix for furniture in need of an update, is drapery. Use fabric as an inexpensive and non-permanent way to cover drab and dated chairs by creating a slipcover.

Try this DIY.


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Work wonders with spray paint

Spray paint is versatile in that you can use it on a variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, plastic or fabric. It’s an inexpensive option and it allows you flexibility in terms of colour.

If you’re working with a surface like plastic, get creative with patterns using Painters Mate Green tape.


Learn how to whitewash

Whitewashing your furniture is a great way to give it a renewed feeling with very little work. Combine one part white paint with one to two parts water and brush it onto your furniture, using a towel to wipe away drips and excess paint. Using a dry paintbrush on semi-dried paint is a good way to create texture on the furniture.

Find a step-by-step on how to whitewash here.

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