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Karen’s Overpainted Kitchen

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Karen’s Dream Kitchen:

How many times can kitchen cupboards be painted??? My house was built in 1986, not old by house standards. The cupboards were originally a medium oak veneer but the previous owners painted them red! Before they sold, they repainted with a cheap white paint which slowly began to peel, revealing the red and oak underneath. I have since tried to repaint them but they continue to worsen. To make it worse: the dishwasher is old and racks are broken, only 3 burners work on the stove and the countertops are lifting and chipped. The heart of the home is the kitchen and I have tried my best to DIY alone but I need help turning this into a bright, fresh space for myself and my children!


extreme contest post topper

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  • This kitchen is in need of some DIY love, please help my mom as we all desperately need a working kitchen to suite our big family 🙂

  • Hi. To win such a contest like this would be a dream come true. I was so excited to have actually been chosen as 1 of 5 finalists! Ever since I moved in my home I have tried my best to make this kitchen look the best it can. I thought painting over them would work out but being as old as they are no matter how many times I retouch them the paint keeps peeling off. I used cabinet transformations kit from Rust-Oleum. It is not good for these type of old cabinets. They did not turn out like the ones they have on their website.
    I hope that I am fortunate enough to win this contest and have a kitchen to be proud of!?
    Thank you
    Karen Petri

  • Hi I’m Karen’s daughter and I do agree about getting this kitchen a needed clean up! She has been trying to make the kitchen look at least up-to-date but it’s a serious issue and we do need your help! Please take my moms kitchen! 🙂

  • Hi, I am also Karens daughter and I would absolutely love to have this kitchen redone. I used to love cooking but now I do not because I honestly do not like spending time in this kitchen anymore. Its so cheap looking and depressing. The lighting is also horrible, which is a big thing when you are trying to cook and clean. Please help us! Thank you