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6 Ideas for Hosting a Mother’s Days Brunch

mom-759216__180It’s that time of year again: Mother’s Day! While we should be celebrating our mothers every day, why not use this day as a reason to get friends and loved ones together and give mom a day where all she has to do is enjoy a brunch organized in her honour. Here are 6 ideas to consider incorporating into your Mother’s Day brunch.


  1. Do it outdoors. If you have a nice yard and/or garden, why not utilize it? Take advantage of the pretty backdrop a beautiful Spring day provides.


  1. Make it a tea party. Finger foods, pretty china, and sweet deserts – yum! Enforce a casual but classy dress code for your guests to further the theme.


  1. Make a special drink named after each mom. Then lay out garnishing fruit and a variety of juices and encourage your guests have fun customizing their drinks.


  1. Make your mom’s favourite dishes. She makes that super cheesy mac and cheese you like so much for you on your birthday, so make sure you return the favour.


  1. Send your guests home with goodie bags. Potted plants or flowers are perfect to commemorate mom, as well as the onset of the Spring. Nail polishes, essential oils or homemade treats are also cute, yet simple, ideas.


  1. Make it a surprise. This may not be easy to pull off, but if you can get mom out of the house for the day – perhaps with a spa, shopping or hiking trip – it’s definitely doable. Recruit the help of friends and family to keep mom busy while you set up.


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