, 7 Ways to Hack Your Spring Clean

, 7 Ways to Hack Your Spring Clean

Are you dreading getting started on that long overdue spring clean? We’ve got a hack for that!

Use vodka to loosen up mold and mildew from surfaces in your bathroom. Simply let the vodka sit on the desired area for ten minutes. Finally, a use for your vodka that won’t leave you with a headache the morning after!

Sanitize smelly, germ-ridden sponges by heating them in the microwave for one minute. This method is said to annihilate 99.9 percent of bacteria.

Unfortunately for us, dust doesn’t discriminate, and will accumulate on surfaces that are near-impossible to reach, no matter how nimble your fingers. Use compressed air to bust dust in those hard-to-reach spaces like behind the TV, in the nooks and crannies of your China cabinet, or even between the keys of your piano or computer.

We love LEGO, but we don’t love the bacteria that inevitably collects on the brightly colored plastic. Luckily, this popular children’s toy is in fact dishwasher safe. Simply load the pieces into a laundry bag and pop the bag into the dishwasher.

You’ve probably heard of using Coke to clean your toilet, but did you know about Kool-Aid? Kool-Aid is packed with citric acid, which makes it an effective, non-toxic toilet cleaner. Simply pour a pack into the bowl before you go to bed and let it sit over night for best results.

Use a rubber dishwashing glove to collect pet fur off of your couch. The electricity created when you rub the glove on your couch will cause the fur to transfer and stick onto the glove.

And finally, a trick for that stubborn candle wax: whether it’s dried onto your clothes, or a votive dish, simply pop the affected material into the freezer for a few hours. Once the wax freezes, you should be able to pop or chip it right off.

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, 7 Ways to Hack Your Spring Clean

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, 7 Ways to Hack Your Spring Clean

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, 7 Ways to Hack Your Spring Clean

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, 7 Ways to Hack Your Spring Clean

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