65137H(NC)— With the winter months well upon us, many families find themselves spending more time indoors trying to escape the cold weather. Whether you’re entertaining friends or simply cozying up in front of the fireplace with your family, your house can start to feel quite crowded so creating extra living space can be a real bonus for everyone.

“Building an addition gives families more space to enjoy spending time indoors, out of each other’s hair,” says David Flood, insulation expert from Owens Corning. “Creating and maintaining an addition needn’t cost the earth, and the first step is ensuring it is properly insulated.”

Here are some tips to plan your addition:

• Plan out your budget and overall vision in advance

• Determine how you will use the space

• Decide the measurements for your addition ahead of time

• Ensure that your building materials match the rest of your home

• Install the right amount of insulation into the floor, ceiling and walls of your garage

To ensure that your new addition will be energy efficient, install PINK™ FIBERGLAS® insulation to make sure that heat stays trapped in during the winter. Adequate insulation will block out cold drafts along with any gaps or holes in your new renovation which will help you save* on heating costs. In addition, PINK™ insulation is made up of 70** per cent recycled materials which will make your addition a sustainable feature in your home.

Create more space for you and your family this winter and for years to come with a well-insulated addition – you can be sure your family and friends will thank you for it!

More information on renovations is available at www.owenscorning.ca

*Savings vary depending on the original amount of insulation in your home, climate, house size, air leaks and personal energy use and living habits

** Over 70%* recycled content, based on the average recycled glass content in all Owens Corning Fiberglas s batts, rolls and unbonded loosefill insulation manufactured in Canada. The colour PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning ©2010 Owens Corning.  All Rights Reserved.


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