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Text by Nancy Johnston

April 1 – Prune fruit trees and spray with dormant oil.
April 2 – Plan season’s plantings.
April 4 – Turn and water compost.
April 6 – Start tomato, pepper and squash seeds indoors.
April 7 – Mix compost with soil and screen for immediate use.
Turn soil in garden adding compost. Cover with plastic.
April 8 – Clean flowerbeds.
April 11- Clean debris from pond.
April 13 –Check and clean garden tools.
April 14 –Reseed lawn and top dress with screened compost.
Get lawnmower serviced.
Clean patio furniture.
April 15 –Trim evergreens.
Plant new trees.
Aril 17 – Turn compost, water if necessary.
April 19 – Divide and replant ferns.
April 21 – Drain and clean pond and filtering system.
Refill pond and test water.
April 22 – Uncover garden, rake out and check/adjust pH level of soil.
Plant onions, leeks, radish, carrots, peas, spinach, and lettuce.
April 23 – Water garden today and every other day for a week.
April 26 – Transfer indoor seedlings to cold frame.
April 28 – Prune tea rose bushes and fertilize with time released balanced formula.
Plant new rose bushes.
April 29 – Divide and replant older perennials and stake taller ones.
Trim groundcover back.
May 1 – Fertilize and water trees.
Cut grass.
May 3 – Mulch early blooming bulbs and fall planted onions.
May 5 – Set strawberry plants.
May 6 – Test pond water and add algae control.
Set out birdbath and other winter stored yard accessories.
May 8 – Purchase new fish for pond.
May 10 –Turn and water compost.
May 12 – Plant begonias and cannas.
May 13 – Plant ornamentals and pinch chrysanthemum shoots.
May 14 – Germinate herb seeds in dampen paper towel.
May 18 – Plant sprouted herb seeds and water them every other day for a week.
May 19 – Fertilize lawn with Epsom salt formula then water well.
May 21 – Plant clematis, caladium and gladiolus
May 23 – Move last year’s misplaced annuals.
May 26 – Plant hardened off seedlings from cold frame.
Plant hybrid sunflower seeds.
May 27 – Plant corn, beans, squash, cucumbers, potatoes and water every day if it doesn’t rain for a week.
May 28 – Record planting details in garden journal.
May 31 – Side dress perennials with screened compost.

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