Bathroom Renovations with Resale Value. How do I ensure the best resale value for my bathroom renovation?

When renovating with resale value in mind, we suggest a few things that can really help improve your ROI in the long run.

FOCUS ON THE VISUALS. Tile, colors and fixtures create impact. Choose pieces that are good quality but also reasonably priced.

TALK TO A REAL ESTATE AGENT and find out what bathroom features buyers are most interested in when buying in your neighborhood.

CHOOSE NEUTRAL COLORS for a clean, timeless look that you can personalize with accessories.

IF YOUR VANITY IS IN GOOD CONDITION, consider replacing your vanity top or updating the hardware for an affordable makeover.

IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE BATHTUB in the house, consider removing one and replacing it with a glass walk-in shower. You’ll get more use out of it than a second bathtub and it’s a more modern look.

RENOVATION EXPERTS KEEP UP TO DATE on the latest trends and technologies. We can help you make the most of your budget by recommending affordable options and letting you know what updates will have the best impact! – Remon Hanoun,

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  • Great tips . I find the bathroom and kitchen stand out the most to me when I’m looking for at a house . Definitely important to keep them up to date .

  • excellent points! we actually just renovated our two bathrooms recently and before we did we had our real estate over to suggest things we could do to up the value of our home and what other home owners would be interested in. So thankful she came over and gave us her thoughts of things to do. our bathrooms are gorgeous. still want to replace the shower in the upstairs bathroom but other then that it looks fabulous. new color, new vanity, new light fixture…voila … new bathroom