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August September Garden Calendar

Text by Nancy Johnston

August 1 – Thoroughly water lawn and gardens.

August 2 – Clean weeds and debris from pond.

Thin out marginal and floating plants to 50/50 sun and shade.

August 4 – Clean pond pumps and filter. Top up water level.

August 5 — Raise blade on lawnmower. Cut grass.

August 6 – Deadhead flowerbeds. Pick bouquet for house.

August 9 – Water lawn and gardens.

August 11 – Cut back foliage and stems on hardy geraniums.

Lift and put up rooted strawberry runners.

August 12 – Turn and water compost.

Cut grass leaving clippings for protection.

Clean patio furniture and BBQ.

August 13 – Harvest corn, tomatoes and salad greens for Civic Holiday Picnic.

Pick bouquet of flowers for centerpiece.

August 16 – Scrub out birdbath with mild detergent. Fill with fresh water.

August 18 – Power wash paving stones.

Cut old fruited canes from raspberry bushes.

Stake asters.

August 19 – Weed and deadhead flowerbeds. Cut back dead foliage and stems of herbaceous plants.

August 21 – Fertilize fruit trees.

August 23 – Cut grass, leaving clippings for protection. Pick flowers for house bouquets.

August 25 – Paint fence and shed.

August 26 – Prepare area for new flowerbed. Enrich with compost. Collect seeds for sowing in new beds.

August 29 – Fill hummingbird feeder.

September 1 – Trim evergreens.

Weed gardens.

September 2 – Harvest ripe tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers and cilantro.

Make salsa.

September 3 – Mulch roses. Fertilize and water flowerbeds. Cut grass.

Cover pond under tree with netting to keep falling leaves out.

September 6 – Mulch rhubarb.

Cut off old asparagus tops.

September 8 – Clean out cold frame.

Pull spent annuals and compost if free of pests and diseases.

Turn and water compost.

September 9 – Collect tree and shrub seeds for spring sowing.

September 10 – Water lawn and gardens.

September 12 – Cut grass and fertilize with high potassium lawn feed to harden for winter.

September 14 – Harvest remainder of herbs. Replenish fresh supply, tie and hang the rest to dry for later use.

September 15 – Dig up remaining potatoes.

Pull spent vegetable plant matter. Compost if free of pests and disease.

September 18 – Update garden journal.

September 20 – Dig up dahlia tubers and store in sawdust.

September 23 – Sow collected hardy annual seeds in newly established flowerbed.

Sow spring flowering biennials like viola and foxglove.

September 24 – Plant oriental poppies in new bed.

September 27 – Get mower blades, lopper and trimmer blades sharpened.

September 29 – Plant spring bulbs.

Plant peas, onions and leeks for early spring harvest.

September 30 – Purchase and plant Japanese maple in back corner of yard.

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