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Back to school and back to the field – What's growing ON?

64342H(NC)—As the back to school sales ramp up and preparation begins for the new school year in households across the Ontario, the province’s farmers are gearing up to get back in the field.
Just like kids and parents prepare for going back to school by buying new shoes and stocking up on coloured pencils, farmers have a lot to do to prepare for harvest.

Storage bins found on many farms across the province need to be cleaned out to prepare for the new crop that will soon be loaded into them. This preparation involves cleaning, sanitizing and repairing equipment used in the bins like fans, gates and motors.

Farmers also need to get the harvest machinery ready. Typically, the same machine is used for corn, soybean and wheat harvests – the combine harvester, or simply, the “combine”. As the wheat harvest is completed, most farmers will have a few repairs to do on their machines. But each different crop requires a different “header” that is fitted onto the front of the combine. The corn and soybean headers will need to be pulled out of storage and prepared for heavy use during the short, intense harvest time frame.

So as you’re out and about picking up school supplies, you may not see many farmers in their fields. But, just like you, they’re busy getting ready for the fall.

You can learn more about Ontario grains online at  www.whatsgrowingon.ca.


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