Inspired by a gorgeous North York project by Reno Duck, the experts share their tips for creating a stunning basement space in your home!

Know your TV size before built-ins are designed to ensure they will properly contain the TV! 

A mantel between the built in fireplace and the TV helps protect the TV from heat damage!

Home Theater

The most important aspects of a home theatre design are audio and video so the set up should revolve around that. It is important to select your equipment first so they can be properly integrated into the design, ensuring enough space, proper electrical resources and a layout that maximizes on sound and visuals. Here are a few things to consider: to ensure a theatre quality experience at home. 

1. Choose dark, matte colors that will absorb color and improve picture quality! 

2. Consider adding soundproofing for the best listening experience. There are a number of options available and we can help find the one that is best for your home. 

3. Proper calculations are required to ensure pedestal heights that allow all viewers a clear, unobstructed view of the screen! 

Space and Advice by Reno Duck,

Home Gym Design Tips


FLOORING: Run the same flooring through the gym as the rest of the basement and then lay gym flooring or mats over top. This allows you to repurpose the room easily in the future.

WALLS: Glass walls allow the space to be separate from the rest of the basement while still allowing it to feel open and airy! 

LAYOUT: The size of your gym will depend on your individual workout style! Before you begin designing, make a list of the equipment the space will need to hold. This will allow us to design the space to suit your specific requirements! 


Mixing a traditional marble patterned tile with a black subway tile creates a modern and timeless mix! 

A rainshower head is nice but keep in mind that height may be an issue. This basement had 9′ ceilings, making a rainshower head an option! 

A linear drain that allows for tile integration creates a clean, luxurious look. 

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