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Basement Oasis

When starting a basement renovation, there are two key things that Alex at Reno Duck feels are important to consider. The first is WHY. Why are you renovating? What is the desired outcome of the project? This 800 sq. ft. basement was designed for homeowners who desired a gym, a bar, a bathroom, and place to relax so those wishes were top of mind through-out. The second key is resale value. If you decide to sell the house in the future, will this renovation make it worth more or less than the original? Even if you aren’t planning to sell right now, it is important to understand how your renovation may affect the value of your home down the line! You also don’t want to spend money on trendy items only to have it look outdated when you do decide to sell later.

In this small basement, creating an open concept design maximized the space without the waste of walls. To Project by RenoDuck, basement oasis make room for a bigger TV, the
fireplace was located on a different wall. This allows the homeowners to enjoy both features without compromising on either or cluttering up a single wall. The owner likes to workout so naturally a gym space was part of the design and a steam room is the perfect complement to the gym. To make this work, the bathroom houses a shower that doubles as a steam room as well. A black feature wall starts in the shower and continues into thebathroom to blend the shower into the space instead of having it look separate. The bathroom is finished in a mix of white tones, gold accents and a wood vanity that makes the space both trendy and functional. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a great workout!

Budget is an important factor in renovation and Alex cautions homeowners not to think of their budget only in terms of upfront cost but also in terms of functionality and long term value! Working with an experienced team ensures that every square foot of your space is used to its best potential. This may cost a little more but gives you more functional space opposed to having someone who doesn’t use the whole space, leaving parts undone or useless. Quality work that lasts longer is also a better investment when it comes to cost of ownership in the long run. You don’t want to be renovating again in 5 or 10 years or repainting once a year. Splurging on high quality, professional materials does save money in the long run.

Project by RenoDuck,

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