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The Most Innovative Things Happening With Cabinets

More tile, vibrant cabinetry, and upscale accents are to be expected. Expect to see colorful cabinetry, more tile, and upscale details. Our homes’ kitchens have always been essential spaces. You can learn more about the new products and services here. But before you jump to buy new cabinets, learn about the latest trends in the cabinet industry.


Cabinet companies’ products like cabinets Seattle source high-quality cabinets for residential and commercial applications. They feature an exclusive design that includes a recessed front panel. These units are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. Their designs are easy-to-install and feature a sleek, brushed nickel finish. Their products are also built to last, with durable materials and a ten-year warranty.

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Wood Grain Surfaces

One of the most innovative things happening with cabinets right now is the use of wood grain surfaces. This kind of finish allows you to add a touch of texture to your cabinets. It’s also affordable, and there are several options available. These surfacing options are made from different materials, and prices can vary.

One of the most common types of wood used in cabinets is plywood. It’s a relatively inexpensive material made by laminating a thin layer of wood and varying the grain direction. This type of veneer is strong yet lightweight and is perfect for cabinetry. But it has one major drawback: it’s not as strong as natural hardwood.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is one of the hottest design trends today, and it has come to kitchens, too. Pairing two contrasting colors add instant chic and sophistication to any room. It works best in bathrooms and kitchens. Remember that a room’s color scheme should be balanced when selecting contrasting colors. For example, black and white are classic colors that can be used for a dramatic scheme, but you can also use neutral colors for an understated look.

The most popular way to apply color blocking to a kitchen is by using two colors on the cabinets: a dark color on the bottom and a light one on the top. The contrast is what makes color blocking so elegant. You can also add color blocking to a kitchen by blending materials. For example, you can combine painted cabinets with wood uppers. Adding wood shelving is also an excellent option, adding a rustic look to the space.

Utility Storage

Utility storage cabinets can be used for a variety of things. For example, they can be a stylish way to store various tools and supplies in your kitchen. They also can be a practical way to store towels and linens and clean laundry. Some cabinets have handles to make them easy to move around.

Utility cabinets can be designed with four adjustable shelves to accommodate a variety of items. This way, you can maximize space and keep everything within easy reach. For instance, you can use the shelves to store tall items or stacks of linen. Other features of these cabinets include adjustable base levels and cord access pass-throughs.

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