Holidays & Entertaining

Be creative with string lights for a special holiday hue

Sometimes white or tinted string lights are exactly what you need to create the warm and whimsical mood that you long for during the holiday season. Here are three unique ways to use twinkle lights to achieve a warm and cozy ambience indoors.

“String lights have come a long way over the past few years” says Rob Rizzi, a fashion lighting specialist from Lowe’s Home Improvement. “Today there are so many indoor options to choose from including LED, coloured bulbs, even electroluminescents. Rizzi suggests wrapping LED string lights around the frames of doors, windows, picture, and mirrors to help lighten the perimeter of your room. “This will help illuminate your surroundings without employing direct overhead lights.” They can also be bunched under sofas, arm chairs, and cabinets to create an up-lighting effect.

Generate a warm and romantic ambiance by looping indoor string lights or net lights (net lights are string lights that are secured to each other to create a grid effect) over your window curtain rod so that they hang behind a sheer curtain panel. This effect is further enhanced by hanging the lights between an opaque curtain panel and sheer metallic drapery. Sheer fabric or lace can also be wrapped around string lights and secured to banisters, mantles and window wells. Verify the safety protocols for your lights to ensure that it’s safe for them to be in contact with fabrics.

Lights help draw attention to focal points such a center pieces and mantles. Fill vases or large mason jars with string lights and add some Christmas balls or small ornaments to the mix. Frost the glass with a light coating of translucent metallic spray paint. This will help dim the light through the glass and will help enhance the ambiance.

“Use a timer and energy efficient bulbs to help control your energy expenditure, ” adds Rizzi.

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