Holidays & Entertaining

How to keep your holiday greens growing and glowing

The holidays are a time for curling up by the fire, indulging in festive fare and of course, enjoying the seasonal décor that surrounds you. From pine cones to wreaths, and garland to trees, the smells and sights the holidays bring are simply divine.

Rénald Gilbert, owner of Enjoy Tree in Québec, knows a thing or two about picking and maintaining the perfect tree. With a Master’s degree in “The Culture of the Christmas Tree”, Mr. Gilbert has been running his family business, growing Christmas trees in Beauce Region, Quebec and supplying trees to stores such as Provigo, since 1975.

Once you have found the perfect tree, how do you keep it fresh over the holidays? Try the following tips and tricks:

• Choose wisely – fresh needles should look shiny and green, not dry. Try pulling on a branch and if the needles fall off, choose a different tree.

• Make the cut – when you get your Christmas tree, cut an inch off of the base to improve water intake.

• Avoid the heat – too much heat from sunny windows, vents or fireplaces can dry out your Christmas tree and cause pieces to break off.

• Turn down the lights – if you are decorating with lights be sure to turn them off overnight to reduce heat and drying effect on your tree.

• Give a little space – ensure you have enough width and height for your Christmas tree

To get a President’s Choice® Fraser Christmas tree supplied by Enjoy Tree, available in traditional seven to eight foot options as well as a brand new six foot tree that’s ideal for smaller spaces, visit participating Provigo, and Loblaws stores throughout Québec.

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