Hemp might not be the first thing you consider when selecting a mattress but perhaps it should be! A hemp mattress can offer a number of benefits that are worth taking a look at.

COMFORT Hemp fabric naturally regulates temperature and is absorbent, breathable and odor resistant. Three times stronger and softer than cotton, hemp mattresses actually get softer and even more comfortable with use.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Hemp is a natural, rapid growth renewable resource that absorbs Co2 at an incredible rate as it grows, removing 2-3x more Co2 than an average forest! Hemp fabric uses only about 1/4 of the precious water resources to produce, compared to cotton and, over time, is completely biodegradable as well.

HEALTH For those with health concerns, hemp fabric is naturally resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, mold and mildew. It is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties as well. – CannaBed, www.cannabeds.ca

BEDDING AND BATH These fresh linens made from the best artisan manufacturers are smooth and soft. You can expect a fabulous Egyptiancotton like this to last 8 to 10years with the proper care. Pair them with the clean lines and deep rich green of fabulous low maintenance bathroom accessories to easily modernize your home! -Valerianne Luxury,www.valeriannecalgary.com

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