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Fall Essentials

THE 80V MOWER/TRIMMER/BLOWER TRIO COMBO is great for the outdoorsy person. With a runtime of up to 45 minutes and a quick charging rapid charger you’ll have your landscaping done in no time. With additional batteries and a multiple tool compatibility platform, you can get all your landscaping done with all the power and performance of gas without paying the price of gas. It features less vibration, less noise, and less mess to help you cruise right through your yard work.

THE GREENWORKS 80V CHAINSAW AND BRUSHLESS BLOWER COMBO is perfect for your landscaping needs. The cordless battery platform with cruise control allows you to choose and maintain an exact speed control for easy handling. This combo uses zero gas, emission, and maintenance making it handy for all jobs. Featuring a turbo button for that extra power boost, steel bucking spikes, less vibration, less noise, and less mess!

THE 40V 10” CULTIVATOR TOOL has the power of gas without the price of gas. Featuring reduced noise, minimal vibration, and zero fumes to ensure you the best possible experience. The universal 40V battery system powers more than 25 products and provides a gas-like performance to help you tackle even the toughest jobs. It has adjustable tines, medium weight, and is very easy to maintain with no gas and no oil needed

THE GREENWORKS PRO 3000-PSI PRESSURE WASHER features an extra long 35-ft power cord with waterproof power plus and a hassle free 25-ft Uberflex kink resistant hose. This pressure washer has a water flow of 1.2 GPM, is reliable and built for the toughest tasks. It features a continuous run brushless motor and pump. It automatically adjusts the pressure and flow to provide the right amount of consistent water flow for each specific nozzle tip. It includes 5 nozzles, which are the 15 degree, 25 degree, and 40 degree nozzles as well as the turbo nozzle and the soap nozzle. It is built to stand up to most stubborn dirt for years.

Greenworks Tools Canada, www.greenworkstools.com

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