(NC)—If you’re always drooling over your friend’s big screen TV during the Super Bowl, or spend more time watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters at a friend’s place than at the movie theatre, it’s time for you to invest in your own big screen at home.

There’s never been a better time to make the move to big screen viewing— fall brings all four major sports to television screens, Glee is back for another season or, with today’s TV streaming capability, you don’t even need to leave the house to see the latest movies.

Sharp Electronics TV product expert, Greg Balina, (thinksharp.ca) offers some tips on how to be successful in the big buy:

• Evaluate your options and what features you’re looking for before you buy. Where are you going to place the TV? Do you want full surround sound? Will you be able to mount your set high enough and away from any young children’s eager fingers?

• The biggest regret people have when they set up their new screen is not buying big enough. The difference between a 70” and 46” TV is twice the viewing area—meaning you get a true cinematic feel right at home rather than a traditional home TV viewing experience.

• Gone are the days of bulky sets that seem to be more frame than screen, and stick out two feet from the wall. Now, sets are lighter, thinner, and specifically designed for a home viewing experience. And with some 70” models selling for less than $4,000, a big screen experience is more affordable than ever.

• You can go big. For many people, one of the biggest challenges is overcoming the idea that a big screen will interrupt existing décor or make a room look too cluttered. The opposite is true if you focus on the right furniture and keep things simple. Choose large main furniture pieces, like oversized couches and a prominent coffee table, and minimize items like knickknacks and end tables to create balance.

• Wall-mounting is easier than even TVs that are lighter than ever and is another great way to make the most of your space and create a modern, minimalist look while enjoying your favorite shows and sports in eye-popping HDTV

• Think green. Investing in a great home viewing experience doesn’t need to put your hydro bill through the roof. Look for new big screens models that use extremely small amounts of energy, some as little as a 100 watt light bulb.

Of course, now that you’re the one with the big screen LCD TV, you’ll have to entertain more friends than usual—so make sure you grab the larger sized popcorn, too.



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