88071hBecoming your own barista is now easier than ever, with the rise of increasingly more advanced personal coffee and espresso makers allowing us to make a perfect cup of joe from the comfort of our own homes. While the transition from barista to home coffee maker has left some missing the hustle and bustle of their corner café, serving good coffee to guests is just one of the benefits of brewing at home.

  1. Becoming the host again. Catching up with a group of friends over a cup (or two) of coffee is a social tradition that doesn’t have to be lost in translation. While many coffee shops have a limit as to how long patrons can occupy the space, brewing quality coffee at home allows for the freedom and flexibility to serve guests when you want and for how long, without the pressure of a time restraint.
  2. Quality coffee at a better price. With a wealth of at-home coffee machines on the market offering a variety of types and brands, brewing at home is a great way to achieve the same high quality of coffee in a quick and cost-efficient way.
  3. Coffee the way you want it. Avid coffee drinkers know exactly how they prefer their coffee, and relinquishing control as a customer can be a struggle. At-home coffee machines such as the elegantly designed Saeco Moltio offer a tailored taste experience, allowing coffee lovers to brew their morning joe the way they like it. Getting a professional espresso drink at home is no problem for the Moltio – the machine’s dual chamber technology ensures you’ll enjoy quality coffee with dense, long-lasting milk froth in every cup.


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