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#CanadianDesign with Kelsey Grose

kelsey grose

CANADIAN DESIGN is warm but fresh. Practical yet elevated. Clean but intriguing.

I’M FOREVER INSPIRED BY our beautiful Canadian Prairies. The range of colors in our landscape, even in winter, always amazes me. On the Prairies, we are a practical people. Our clients gravitate toward materials that look great but can also stand up to the demands of life in the Prairies. We’re so integrated with nature here and I see that coming through in my design work with the use of natural materials and a variety of warm textures like linen, jute, wool, and leather.

kelsey grose

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT SWIFT CURRENT is the people. Saskatchewan is known for its friendliness and I think it rings true that we’re very friendly here and always ready to help a stranger if needed. It’s been more than once I’ve been offered a full meal before leaving a client’s home. Also, the sunsets here have got to be some of the greatest in the country.

I’D LOVE TO DESIGN A PROJECT in Quebec City. The architecture is the closest thing to Europe I’ve seen in Canada and I was just dying to poke my head inside one of the little stone row houses with colorful doors and shutters.

Photography by Bumble & Vine Creative,

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