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#CanadianDesign with Stephanie Charest

stephanie charest

CANADIAN DESIGN is guided by the imagery and textures found in our landscape, especially in Alberta where views of vast expanses of land and open skies are immediate as you leave the city. This often results in a neutral palette of creams or grays grounded by warm earth tones, ranging from ambers to deep greens or shades of blue. Although we are landlocked in Alberta, blue seems to resonate with many of our clients for its calm and familiar qualities, inspiring a clean yet inviting space for anything from gathering and entertaining to more reflective and tranquil moments. Some of the most popular requests right now are neutral palettes accentuated by bold colors, mixed metal accents, soft textural elements, and the incorporation of bright spaces and natural light.

stephanie charest

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT LIVING IN CALGARY is the mountains and the friendly people. On the whole, we’re a fun and cultured bunch and not the cowboys most people think we are.

I’D LOVE TO TAKE ON A DESIGN PROJECT on Vancouver Island (Victoria to be exact). I’d love to design a home that has a view of the water! We are so landlocked in Alberta, it would a lovely backdrop to pull inspiration from.


#shoplocal Favorites

Labode, http://www.labode.ca
Inspirati, http://www.inspirati.ca
Out of the Woodwork, http://www.outofthewoodworkyyc.ca

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